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About Us


BL Beauty sets its sights on“300% Excelsior”.

Together, we go beyond perfection.

We aim to deliver 100% satisfaction to your mind and body
through our
100% authentic botanical products processed by internationally advanced technologies
and with
100% clear conscience, contributing to the community.

We make sure you glitter with 300% beauty. 

0% water•100% botanical essence

Skincare series

A large proportion of skincare products is water!
BL Beauty is the first and the only company who guarantees
their products are water-free. Instead, 100% organic botanical
hydrolats from Europe are used.
With the natural scents of plants and the knowing that
all products are safe to use, Skincare has evolved from a
physical experience and to the enjoyment of the soul.


Local and International Recognitions

The Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme (2018-2019)

 The Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme aims to acknowledge
companies with well-rounded quality control and producing
high-quality products. BL Beauty is the first and the only
local skincare company obtaining this certificate

Internationally recognized certifications for organic products

Metals do tremendous harm to skin!
We endeavour to prepare toxin-free products for you.
Our ingredients are certified by ECO as premium organic
ingredients. 98% of our plant-based ingredients come from
monitored organic farming, Satisfying the requirements of
European Commission completely. Each drop is an essence of
nature that imposes no burden on your skin.